The Various Notions about Dogging Meets Sex Making

The Various Notions about Dogging Meets Sex Making

Dogging is the art of displaying sex in public. It comes in various sex positions and can be done with the right movements and postures in specific. In matters of dogging you have the popular cartwheel sex position. For this, you need to have acrobatic sense and skill. You should be flexible in trying sex in this position. The position has got a specific name as the giver stands on his head position and takes the attempt as if he is going to do the cartwheel. The receiver bends front before the partner and allows him to insert the penis. The kind of position is a variation on its own and it is just like the backdoor cartwheel position where the penis is made to enter the anus instead of the vagina.

More about the Cartwheel Style

There is much to learn about the Dogging Meets of the specific cartwheel style. It all starts with the giver standing on the head over position and it looks as if both of them are about to start as a cartwheel. To try the position it is great to have back wall support. This will make you execute the sex style better. The partner in the position is made to stand in front with the back facing the body of the giver. In the position both the feet are made to rest on each side of the giver’s head.

Maintaining the Position

In the cartwheel position of Dogging Meets the partner who receives is made to bend over the giver and he is made to insert his penis within the vagina. In the case of the backdoor cartwheel, his partner will insert his penis inside the anus. It is a challenging sexual position as it is extremely difficult for one to rest on the head and be so sexy.

It is not easy to maintain the erection in the specific dogging position as the blood rushes to the head. In the position, the receiving partner is more important as he helps in maintaining the momentum in sex and maintains the angle of the penis the right way. If the kind of dogging is made the right way both the partners are made to feel free in s

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