How Realistic Sex Dolls Can Change Romance for Guys

How Realistic Sex Dolls Can Change Romance for Guys

For guys looking for ways to enjoy safe sex without any of the attachments that come with an actual relationship, sex dolls could be the way to go.

Of course, you can’t ignore the power of a good masturbation, as explained here, but when it comes to enjoying maximum sexual satisfaction, you want to introduce a bit of skin in your intimacy. And this is where silicon realistic sex dolls come in to play. They are so real that many Japanese men are in an open relationship with these dolls that can look just like anyone.

Benefits of Sex Dolls

The good part is it is not only reserved for single men, even married couples, too, have a few sex toys in their closet for role-playing. And you can be sure to find at least a pleasure toy for him when he needs to take care of his business. Not entirely open to the idea of an intimacy doll for guys, below are some ways you stand to gain from owning one.

1.      Improved Intimacy

Back to masturbating for guys, most males have to enjoy the pleasure of self-service by jerking off with their hands. While there is no big deal with the act for most guys, it can be straining on the muscles for those who self-service frequently.

Although there are toys that act as a masturbator for guys, none can be compared to the pleasure that comes with fucking a sex doll. If you would stick your junk in anything, shouldn’t it be the real deal or something close to it?

There is also the belief that practicing with toys can help guys last longer in bed when they get intimate with a real female. But you only get to find out if you choose to try it out for yourself. You can find useful tips on this website on how to last longer during intercourse for guys who need help in that department.

2.      Avoid STDs

How Realistic Sex Dolls Can Change Romance for Guys

Sleeping around with different people or having unprotected sex can put you at risk of infections. But with your personal, realistic sex doll, you can reduce the chances of such risks. There is a possibility that you will not be sharing it with anyone else, so you can expect nothing like STDs after each intercourse.

Although they pose no risk of infections, you also want to take note of the manufacturer’s safety procedures. You should start by using the right type of lubricant, and avoid thrusting in harder than you should. Even though it is only a toy, it could break easily, so you want to go easy.

3.      Reduce Infidelity

For guys in a relationship, sex dolls could reduce the chances of going out to look for someone to get intimate. Most men cheat on their partners due to a lack of intimacy. It could also be a result of losing the spark in their relationship.

With life-like female toys, you could save yourself the risk and scandal that comes with an affair. And except you are no longer interested in working things out with your partner, you want to add a realistic sex doll to the list of things to buy this season.

4.      Enjoy Sex with Your Partner

If you are thinking of ways to stir things up in the bedroom, you can be sure to introduce a few toys to make lovemaking more of a plaything than a rehearsed routine. You can do much with an additional vagina during romance. Relieve your fetish of a threesome, or learn new tricks with the doll before getting started with her.

Still, if you already fool around together with a butt plug and vibrator, you can as well have a third-party to join you both. The only thing is she doesn’t have to be real.

How to Buy a Realistic Sex Doll?

How Realistic Sex Dolls Can Change Romance for Guys

Most guys buy their intimacy toys online to avoid browsing through the racks at the adult toy store. But shopping for intimacy gadgets online can be a big deal for many people since they have no idea about the best brands. However, there are ways to shop for these categories of products, and you can steal a few of the tricks below when next you are shopping for a love doll.

What are your Fantasies?

If you are spending on a sex toy, you want to get the maximum satisfaction from the experience. So you want to factor this when you are in the market for one. You can find different types of adult dolls for men, and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. If you have fantasized about sex with another race or with your favorite celebrity, this could be an opportunity to relive it.

Things to Consider

You will have to make your mind on the essential details of your doll. Some of the things you want to take into consideration include

·         Race

You can decide between Asian, African, White, or to have them entirely different. You would have to opt for a custom design that is.

·         Age

Want an adult, a child, or an adolescent doll? You would have to decide on that one also.

·         Gender

You can find male and female options as well, so you have to make your choice on which sex you want. There are also trans models available, and it all depends on your fantasies, as earlier mentioned.

Other things to consider include body types, size, and whether you want a doll with a vaginal or anal opening. Again, it all depends on the sexual experience you seek.

Finding the Best Doll

When you finally decide on the type you want, the next problem will be finding the best to take home with you. And if you are shopping online, you want to be extra careful not to end up with junk.

You should be on the watch for quality if you want to get something that is worthwhile. Silicone options are best when it comes to durability, but you should know that you would require a lot of lubrication with these types.

Another thing to note is the maintenance. You want to be able to clean and keep your toys free from germs. Look out for one that features cleaning kits or at least a guide on how to wipe after use.

Your best bet is to use review sites if you don’t have an idea of which product to pick. You can check here for some of the best realistic sex dolls in the market.

Lastly, you should decide on how much you are willing to spend on an intimacy toy. You can find options that are reasonably priced, while customs orders would cost more. But still, you can expect to enjoy quality time with your doll when you buy from a reliable brand. So you want to do your research to find the best one for you.

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